Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ukers and the Folk Club

Many of you will have already received this through your membership. But I've posted this up here on the Blog so it is there more permanently!


From: "Carole Garland"
Date: 25 March 2013 11:56:47 AM AEDT
To: "Debbie Hamilton"


Please pass this round to all players of the ukulele, within reach of Newcastle.

There are a couple of guest artists of special interest to Ukulele players, coming to the Newcastle-HunterValley Folk Club, of which most of you are members. Club nights are first Sat. of the month at 7.30 in the Wesley Hall, 150 Beaumont St., Hamilton. You don’t need to book, as the hall is big enough.
6th April. Warren Fahey, he doesn’t play a uke, but his sidekick, Marcus, has one of every type of string thing known to man. They specialize in Australiana and the old songs.

4th May, Nick Rheinberger, plus Andrew Rankin, will have, and I quote:

“I will definitely have a uke – plus banjo uke, Bolivian charango, and Greek baglama.”
N.B. He offers to do a special workshop for the Ukers either on Sat. arvo, or Sunday morning,
As he has done at many festivals and uke clubs. He specializes in teaching a simple two chord songs in four different rhythms. The workshop idea can be followed up by contacting him on - nick@fourtwelve.com In my view it would be well worth it as he is a graphic and vibrant communicator.


1st June. Trevor Knight is bringing a banjo-uke made for George Formby and will perform a segment on the life and songs of George. He is also bringing a custom made KOA Hawaiian tenor, to play some more modern music. Trevor Knight has been playing ukes for decades and is a huge fan of them.

SO NOW GUYS ! Do you see how you are taking over the world? Don’t let me down in the search for interesting and relevant performers. It costs little to attend, but means the world to these musicians who have dedicated their lives to entertaining, as you now do yourselves. They simply want to feel that comradeship of fellow interests – it’s that that makes it worthwhile for them.
Carole Garland, Bookings/Publicity for Newcastle –Hunter Valley Folk Club.

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