Thursday, February 16, 2017

Well ok, maybe. One day. The serendipity and journey of Yes!

The koels are singing their dawn chorus. Should I stay? Is it now warm enough to stay here all year round? Or should we all gather and fly north to overwinter again? What do you think comrades? Not yet. But maybe. One day. Yes.

2009 – a phone call – brrr brrr. brrr brrr. Hello? Do you teach ukulele? No. Why do you ask? I've been thinking of it. Oh! Someone in Sydney said I was thinking about it? Well. Maybe. One day. Soon. Ok. Yes.

2010 – We have been invited to go and perform at the Hawai'i Ukulele Festival. Jaw drop. Can you come? No. Can't afford it. Here. We'll help out a bit. Really? Well. Ok. Yes.

2010 – Considering our options. Maybe when we go to Hawai'i we should go to Canada and learn ukulele teaching from James Hill? Yes!

2011 – A pub in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Loud New York accent. Hey, Mr Loud Sock Man! Why don't you and your girlfriend come and sit over here and have dinner with us? Ok. Yes.

2011 – Same people, next day, same city, different question. We played them a song or two. You guys are great! Next year will you come to Mendocino? Our town! Play concerts! We have friends! Gee?! Really? Well. Ok. Yes.

2011 – Same country, different place, different people. Did a cafe gig. You guys are great! Here! Have $2 or 10c. This sucks. We can't earn money like this. It's too expensive to live and not enough money to eat. Let's do workshops instead. Yes.

2012 – Mendocino. Good workshop. Other towns too have said yes to us in our travels. There is a folk music camp you should check out here. Lark. You should ask if you can do it. We did. They said no.

2013 – We ask Lark again. No.

2014 – Yes.

2015 – Yes.

2016 – Yes.

2017 – Da-a-ad? Can you put up my friends for a night? They are really nice. Yes.

North Country Fair
Friends – there is this really wonderful festival – you should try and do it. It's up near the Alberta tundra. Yes. And then yes. They said Yes.

Campouts, festivals, uke groups, concerts. Slowly more people are saying yes to us. And we are saying yes to ourselves.