Thursday, May 13, 2010

The germ of an idea?

This weekend promises domesticity, and a day trip to Karuah for the Bluegrass Festival (going as a punter).

Last weekend was very successful. A social visit to the Blue Mountains, a family visit to Forbes followed by a family visit to Sydney to see my two gorgeous daughters (who live in Melbourne - ages 23 & nearly 16) who were at a wedding.

Forbes was very fruitful ukulele-wise. Only a week before I decided I would try to organise a ukulele workshop in Forbes. After a series of phone calls, and some very very supportive locals, I managed to have a workshop with 10 people! I do hope that they now have the wherewithall to start up a Forbes Ukulele Group (FUG?). I am now brewing ideas on continuing to offer workshops in country areas.

A key memory of the Forbes trip was watching I Walk the Line (the Johnny Cash biopic). It really educated me and I enjoyed it immensely. Am now brewing on a few Johnny Cash / June Carter-Cash songs.

The other thing that is happening is that Tuesday nights (Ukastle Ukestra) is really growing! I got a lot of word of mouth young women coming along in the last two weeks (in their 20s). One in particular sent me the following email (with pre-existing spelling errors).

hi mark, thankyou for your email. Have been on a permanent high since tue night,and havnt been able to put my uke down! i love so much (and am still quite amazed) that i can actually play a musical instrument! music is a huge love of my life and nearly all my friends are musos but after many many attempts to learn the guitar and failing, i gave up. So bless you and your awesome group, I now believe!
Adrianna is just as excited as me, and you will see us regularly, for sure. Thanks again, Learne

Now that is something! How lovely!!!!

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