Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh my ....

um....guilty....too busy to write a blog - heaven forbid. and in the midst of excessive workload, perhaps I can take a guilty moment to write something in this blog. This is it. 7 ukestras per week. Perhaps over 150 people every week attending a Ukestra in Newcastle area. 3 people running them. Myriad other ukestras starting around us (Tea Gardens, Dungog, Central Coast, Stockton, etc.) 60 kids per week in schools. 10 kids per week out of schools. 2 choirs. Jane has quit her job (hasn't told her parents yet), and we are both heading off to Hawaii / Canada again for professional development in July. A festival planned for October 2012. Struggling with how to cope with everything. Oh my.....must get back to work. Mark

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