Thursday, March 4, 2010

Must wash trumpet today

Entry #1 - Star Date ..... is this how a blog is supposed to start???

A full on day of book-keeping/tax and then a packed house at Lingard Hospital, with one beautiful harmony voice there and one guy who persisted (and mastered) the uke. About a dozen listeners and singers. Then had a half hour uke student at home...then....Nikki & Mick arrived for the evening's Flying Penguin rehearsal.

This was our 3rd ever rehearsal. 1st was at their house in the bush near Bulahdelah, 2nd up at my Mum's Bay House (Fingal Bay), 3rd at my house in Merewether.

We bolted off to Bar Beach for a photo shoot (we have been asked to play at St Albans Folk Festival in April). Mick, Nikki and I wandered down with an array of instruments and dressed up. There was an immediate buzz - 'where are you playing?!', 'gee you look good!'. etc. etc.

Thanks to friend Lisa for the photos - t'was very fun as always is a fotie shoot, we sang Kiss next to the water and made sure the pink radio and trumpet and double bass didn't get wet by the occasional surge.

That done, we decided to go under the shelter and practice a wee bit. The shelter seemed like the perfect bass amplifier and it sounded wonderful. We could tell because a crowd gathered on the level above and REALLY quite desperately asked where we are playing. 'Got contact details'!

Tadaaaa!!!! I was able to pull out my brand new business cards and distribute. One guy said - 'well do you have one for me? I am looking for bands for the Port Stephens Country Music Festival and you guys would be great!'.

I think all we need to do to start playing is for me to get our PR shit together and get booking!!!! Yay!!!

And how does one end a blog entry? Rodger over and out?

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  1. Fabulous start!!!!
    Keep it going - be lovely to have insights into your world!!
    And I am a follower too - and you can check out my blog, too (see - show me yours and I shall show you mine).
    I am having a quilty give-away to celebrate a year of blogging, you can join in.
    I shall post the rules later today.
    Didn't make it to Melbs for uke fest - got too tired and achy thingy so stayed at The Stead bugger. Next year. Oh, not going to Nash this year for same reason. :-(