Sunday, March 7, 2010

Still confused about blogs - #2

Does this save it as the same blog? Or a different one? Damn you to hell Mr Blog - Dispense with caution and forge onwards regardless!!!

Jane & I had a fab weekend, spending it with my brother and sister in law in Sydney. Took Bob for a scuba dive after he hasn't done so for 35 years. Saw a weedy? sea dragon, two massive blue groupers and some lovely canyons and shelves. It was great.

Professional development involved seeing a 'Dragapella' show, which Bob n'Ilse gave us for Christmas. It was great to see a drag show (part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras) that wasn't crap miming and just blokes prancing around in dresses. Rather it was a well choreographed, excellently researched, great politics and a nicely paced show of acapella and very very funny. The Kinsey Sicks performed ( - have a look at "We Arm the World" Great lyrics (parodies of popular songs). I cannot complain if my professional development involves seeing shows like this!

One last thing. Last Tuesday at Teralba an elderly couple sat on the couch for 2 and a half hours listening to the LakeMacUkestra learn and practice. They seemed to revel in it.

I got a call from them on Friday and they said (in rather frail voices - each had a phone to themselves), 'we have bought some ukes and will be along on Tuesday, but we want a lesson first'. I had the temerity to ask how old they are. '84'.

I seem to be doing a good thing!

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