Sunday, April 18, 2010

An open letter to my dear fellow Foibles.

I am reborn. Am sitting on a glorious front verandah couch, 6am, overlooking a small escarpment with a light smokey fog settling in this isolated valley near Bulahdelah and I think of you Aaron, Steve & Chris.

We had such a good wonderful creative dozen or so years. But after about 3-4 years of breaking up, we finally did, and I feel I have now found my new musical loves to replace what we had.

That's harsh. Of course you will never be replaced. We loved and hated and played with each other over such a long period of time (perhaps 10% of my projected years on this planet!) that it will never be replicated. But this is now where I want to be.

I am indeed a strange one, (though how can ageing be anything but strange and exciting). Strange because here I am playing some sort of faux bluegrass, doing contemporary covers and the odd original. And to boot it is with my gorgeous banjo-playing girlfriend and Mick & Nikki, a lovely couple from up the bush. We have 'a sound' and I am rather optimistic that it is going to work. What I do want to replicate is the strength, passion and richness of the relationships, the marriage to someone else's geography, the travel, the bad and the good gigs, the festivals, the lifestyle. I had found this with you my dear foibles, but the passion and focus faded (as you do), and now we have all moved on.

For now, I can feel it again. Praise the Lord in all her mysterious and glorious follow-me-ways.

Now, if only songwriting would return with vigour, and all this creative blogposturing was put into new songs.

p.s. This band is better (yesterday named Barefoot Bleuglass) simply because voicepopfoible only had 3 composite words as its name. This one has 4! So there!

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